Monthly Meal Planner

Last fall I decided to try meal planning by month. It has been so nice! We actually have real meals now! Every month my husband and I sit down and brainstorm ideas for meals that we either love, haven’t had in a while or new recipes we would like to try. We make a HUGE list on the left side of this meal planner I created. I make a huge shopping list for a majority of the things I need for these meals. If there is produce we need for a certain meal that we aren’t going to make within the first week I hold off on purchasing it until the week we will make it. I still manage to go to the store each week but mostly it’s helpful to look ahead and know what’s in the plans for the month. Then we plan out our week. What activities we have which nights and which kinds of meals would fit into each night. Every Sunday we put together our weekly meal plan. I like planning by month for several reasons. It’s helpful to keep a variety of meals in our repertoire instead of making the same five meals over and over.  It’s also nice to make sure I have things on hand so when I need an easy meal I have what I need. I’ve loved it so much and I hope that you find this sheet helpful in your monthly meal planning process.

Here is a printable copy of the monthly meal planner: monthly meal planner


free printable - monthly meal planner


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