Boho Bow Holder

I will be the first to admit it….I’m guilty of binge watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and then tidying up my house. Isn’t that what January is for anyway? Getting rid of junk and figuring out better ways to store other junk? This bow holder was just that; a way to store my daughter’s bows and make more room in the bathroom drawer.

That being said I’ve wanted to make this bow holder for a while anyway. But my desire to organize sped up the process. And it was actually quite simple and I was lucky enough to have the right scraps to make it perfect! Cost: FREE! Crafting win!

Now if you don’t have these supplies at home, it probably wouldn’t cost you very much. you could find a couple of different yarns on sale and the embroidery hoop isn’t very expensive either.

Here’s what you need:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • 2-3 different skeins of yarn (color and sizes to your liking)
  • Lace or other ribbons
  • Hot glue

Very simply tie the yarns onto the hoop in the order you desire. I even added a braid to add some interest. I cut the bottom of the collection of yarn into a point at the end. (Don’t judge my angles – if I kept cutting it would have been too short! Ha!) For the thicker yarn I put them on doubled. For the thinner yarn I put them on the hoop in a thicker collection. The pom poms were actually leftover from a previous project. (Another crafting win!) But they are super easy to make. You could also add felt flowers to the top or just leave the knots showing at the top, which looks kind of nice!)

Hopefully this beautiful creation will give you some inspiration! Happy crafting my friends!



boho-bow-holder-1boho-bow-holder-2SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC



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