Red, White and Blue

I love decorating with red, white and blue.  Lately, I’m enjoying my holiday themed apothecary jars in my kitchen.  Our kitchen and family room are right together so we spend most of our time in that area of our home.  I love being able to see these every day, they make me happy.


To fill the jars can be a bit of an expense, so I tried to go on the cheap with 2 of the jars.  I used the wire stars from Dollar Tree and some strands of beads from Dollar Tree as well.  The wires took some bending to make them fit in the jar but I really like the way the turned out.  To save money with the beads, I used a paper towel in the middle and circled the beads around the paper towel roll.  I think I bought maybe 7 bunches of beads to fill the jar.

4th-of-july-decor-jars-2I filled the last jar with glass blown hearts that I bought on a vacation in Cabo.  I used them in this jar and stacked on the stacking tray pictured later as well.  It is so nice to have a sweet reminder of my trip.  Finally, I stacked them on a silver tray that I bought at a thrift store and added the ‘Love’ thingy in front of them.  What do you think?  What would you use to fill a jar for the 4th?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


I love my stacked tray.  I keep it in the center of my island in our Kitchen.  I’m enjoying using it for themed items for holidays.  Most everything on it is from either a thrift store or the dollar tree except the glass blown hearts are from my Cabo trip.


I even put a candy dish with some seasonal candy on the back side.

4th-of-july-decor-tiered-tray-24th of july decor


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