End of Year Dancer Treats

I just finished reading The 5 Love Languages for Children. LOVED it! I think one of the ways I like to show love is through gift giving. Although this is not my primary love language.

As a dance teacher, I like to finish the year with a treat that lets my students know I love them! I had the BEST classes this year. Before performance time, I used the analogy of putting a cherry on top or our ice cream sundae. Vanilla ice cream is nice but when it has extra toppings it’s even more exciting. When we dance together, and with a smile on our faces with strong movements and pointed toes it’s like giving our audience an ice cream sundae.

I knew I wanted my year end gift to convey to my students that they put the cherry on top with their performance both in class and on stage. I came up with this super simple treat that was both easy and inexpensive and I hope it meant something to them. The “cherry” is a gum ball and the “ice cream” is white marshmallows.

This treat could easily translate to any class, team, or party treat.





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