DIY Glass Jar Bathroom Decor

So I’ve seen these glass jar DIY’s all over Pinterest, and I’ve wanted to try it for a long time. I guess I was waiting for the perfect knobs to put on top. They turned out so CUTE. And I just love decorative storage, both practical and pretty.

This is my kids bathroom but it is also my guest bathroom. In my jars I put, q-tips (we had nowhere to store these in here before), cotton balls (mostly because they look nice in the jar) and tooth floss. Please tell me I’m not the only one, but have you ever been to a friends house and used the facilities only to notice you have food stuck in your teeth?! The frantically look through their drawers for some floss. Well I want my guests to have an easy time finding what they need when they come to visit. (And hopefully I’m not the only one who has had this happen.)


These jars are so EASY! What you need:

  • Three or more jars of various sizes
  • spray paint in the color of your choice
  • knobs
  • drill
  • hack saw


First I painted the lids and cleaned up the jars. I removed all evidence of the previous occupants. I did two coats of paint on these lids. Then, I had hubby drill the holes in the center. The knobs had screws that went well past the lids and so I had him saw off the ends so they can’t be seen once the lid is on the jar. And that was it! So simple. What do you think?




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