Antique Doily Table Runner

We have lived in our house for nearly three years now! I can hardly believe it! Becoming homeowners was such an exciting step in our adult lives. I remember the first few days in our house I would find myself daydreaming frequently about how I imagined our house should/would be. At that point we only had the furniture we were bringing with us from apartment living. We knew it would take years to fill our house not only with furniture and decor but with lots and lots of giggles. Now three years later I’m pleased to say that dreams do come true! There’s always something to change or some project to work on but our rooms are furnished, decorated (mostly) and just this last week we got our new carpet!

One of the first purchases we made when we moved here was our kitchen table. It was one that first caught my husbands eye and I had to be convinced a little. It’s rustic and industrial in design and style, totally not what I was imagining for our kitchen. But now I absolutely LOVE it. Its definitely a show stopper in our home. I felt like it needed a “softer” table runner to contrast the rough table top. I had a bunch of doily’s from my husbands grandma who had passed the year before. My mom also found me a few more at thrift stores. I then laid them out how liked and hand sewed them together. It was really quite simple to do! I tried to make it so the stitches could only be seen on one side of the runner as well. I love the contrast of the two pieces and I think it coordinates with my other decor nicely. And it works well year round as well!

What you need:

  1. 7-11 antique doily’s
  2. white thread and needle



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